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Instytut Badań Chin Współczesnych
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Instytut Badań Chin Współczesnych
Contemporary China Studies Institute is a first non-governmental organization in Poland focused on the researches over the contemporary China as a one of the major world powers. As such cannot be neglected by any state as well as any nation concerning its rising strength at the world politics, diplomacy, economy. At the same time knowledge in Poland about modern China is limited, often based on the stereotypes and outdated information. Institute’s role is to fill that gap and to help Polish institutions, enterprises and individuals to build effectively proper relationships with Chinese partners.

- author of expertise for the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs (https://mc.bip.gov.pl/rok-2017/potencjal-polskiej-gospodarki-cyfrowej-data-economy-w-odniesieniu-i-w-oparciu-o-cyfrowy-ekosystem-chinskiej-republiki-ludowej.html );
- author of the guide "Negotiations with Chinese partners" commissioned by the Polish government's agenda;
- author of the project “Sino-Polish Artificial Intelligence Industrial Park”, supported by Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs as well as Polish Ministry of Foreign Affair;
- signatory to the agreement with WIOT Foshan, Guangdong Province, regarding the creation of "Sino-Polish Artificial Intelligence Industrial Park";
redaktor, założyciel
Marcin Nowak
Marcin Nowak · cooperator
Leszek Ślazek to jeden z najlepszych polskich komentatorów szeroko pojętej tematyki chińskiej, autor wnikliwych analiz dotyczących współczesnych Chin, wieloletni praktyk i znawca zawiłości współpracy biznesowej z chińskimi przedsiębiorcami.
Konrad Godlewski
Konrad Godlewski · client
Niewielu jest w Polsce ludzi, którzy mają o handlu z Państwem Środka tak głębokie i wszechstronne pojęcie, jak Leszek Ślazyk. W morzu "ekspertów od Chin", obiecujących złote góry dzięki opanowaniu trudnej sztuki podawania wizytówki dwiema rękami, Leszek wziął na siebie rolę latarni, stającej na twardym gruncie i odsłaniającej mielizny oraz rafy. Warto go wysłuchać, bo zebrał wiele doświadczeń i umie je sprzedać.
Usunięty Użytkownik
Bardzo dobry pomysł na stworzenie tejże witryny. Zaglądam regularnie i cieszę się, że w końcu ktoś pisze ciekawie na tak wąsko-wyspecjalizowany w końcu temat.
Textile House Polska Sp. z o.o.
dyrektor d.s. operacji importowych
Textile House Polska was the very first service company in Poland providing its services to large enterprises interested in moving production from their own factories in Poland to China, India, Bangladesh, etc.

- acquired largest Polish fashion retailers such as Big Star Co. Ltd, Vistula S.A. or Artman S.A. for company through direct approach to major decision makers of these organizations;
- coordinated and supervised orders valued over 500.000 € while keeping margin of defected goods below 2%;
- teamed up with suppliers providing high margins for company (up to 85%), on commodities, which remained extremely cost effective for clients;
- trained design, purchasing and logistic teams of clients' companies to work efficiently and properly with Chinese suppliers on the basis of earlier worked out procedures, production documentation, etc.;
- simultaneously coordinated and supervised the work of teams of several hundred employees in the process of shifting production from Poland to China, maintaining undisturbed delivery cycles, solving problems arising from the process of change as well as communication barriers, cultural barriers, legal barriers and other barriers emerging between employees of the organizations in Poland and China;
- managed work of Textile House Poland employees in Poland as well as in China working for clients in Europe and supervised the work of dozens of suppliers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bangladesh and India;
- became an expert presenting opinions and comments on modern China and import operations for media such as TVN (major TV station in Poland), CNBC, Internet portals, newspapers and periodicals;
import operations manager
CTC Co. Ltd, Suzhou, China
CTC Co. Ltd was a Polish company with its main office in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. Its main role was to act as an agent for several Eastern European companies interested in developing and purchasing products like textiles, apparels, accessories in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

- acquired new clients from Poland as well as from Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovenia, Norway and United Kingdom;
- developed new areas of business outside the clothing industry, like electronics, optics, food, promotion/advertisement, etc. ;
- created a new fabric for workwear for winter with outer layer of breathable, waterproof, oilproof fabric, and inner layer of 100% cotton flannel for user comfort, cheaper by about 50% comparing to similar European solutions;
- worked out a whole door-to-door service system for clients interested in importing goods from China or other Far East countries, from technical sketch/design, through prototype creation process, mass production arrangement/organization, quality control and shipment up to custom clearance formalities and delivery to the client's warehouse;
specjalista d.s. importu
- developed new approach to the cooperation with big fashion companies by offering comprehensive service and support including creation of new brands and their image matching Western leaders;
- created brands such as Dave Johns or Robod Monter;
- got first prize for the product catalogue for Robod Co. at the International Workwear Fair in Poznan, Poland;
specjalista d.s. importu
LPP S.A. Gdańsk
LPP S.A. is at the moment the biggest Polish apparel retailer with annual income of over 450 million euro.

- built a multipage, multipurpose production documentation for apparel designers, buyers and manufacturers, which later became a standard for major Polish fashion retailers with overseas suppliers;
- reduced cost of communication with suppliers from China and India (by about 80%) by fast implementation of new communication tools (e-mails, communicators) and all their new advantages;
- lowered percentage of defective goods delivered to Poland from almost 23% to below 2% by created and implemented new quality control system;
- created and implemented system to collect and compare offers from various prospect suppliers from different countries (pre-Alibaba era) to choose most suitable ones;


Ekspertyza dla Ministerstwa Cyfryzacji RP
Potencjał Polskiej Gospodarki Cyfrowej (Data Economy) w odniesieniu i w oparciu o Cyfrowy Ekosystem Chińskiej Republiki Ludowej


politologia, magisterskie
Uniwersytet Gdański
pedagogika, magisterskie
Uniwersytet Gdański


Research and development


- China (society, politics, technologies, history);
- blogging – www.chiny24.com;
- creative writing;
- music – former bass player
- middle distance runs;


Hong Kong Trade Development Council;


- proven interpersonal skills making locked doors wide opened;

- proficient use of MS Office, Corel Draw, Photo Shop, Word Press, creation of pitch decks and presentations with Power Point and Prezi, video presentations (Hit Film software), editing of video materials, publishing them on social media channels;

- languages: Polish (mother tongue), English (fluent), Russian;

- public speaking skills, ability to respond quickly to questions;

- familiarity with radio and television interviews: ability to ignore technical problems or other disturbances affecting the clarity of the message;


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