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Temat: Health in Your Voice

Human Beings are very creative. Over a short period of time, we can create an unlimited variety of sounds. This happens often unconsciously, such as by tapping, clapping, laughing, speaking and singing. All of this is thanks to our sophisticated vocal tracts.

There are so many social imposed patterns in our society. We are limited by feelings of embarrassment and our fear of being judged. Sometimes we are praised but mostly we are criticized. We are taught to be rather reserved and careful and not to take risks so as to avoid unwanted feedback, judgement and opinion. Our "stage fright"; is a painful consequence of that.

Our voice plays a very import_ant role in life as it is one of our basic forms of expression_. Therefore, it should be cared for and developed consciously. Our voice represents us and allows us to express ourselves. This makes us unique in the whole universe. Singing heals our body and soothes our soul, making our hearts blissful.
Singing can release tension and break us free of our trapped emotions. It can also change our self-perception to give us a deeper and fuller insight into our own being.

The benefits of our unique voice include:

activation and strengthening of our respiratory, abdominal, back and intercostal muscles.
This allows us to correct our posture, alleviate stress in our shoulders and relax our diaphragm. This improves how our internal organs function
relaxation of our facial muscles, making us look younger and feel brighter
improving our breathing which becomes deeper and more effective. This allows us to self-heal more quickly
if you have got an impaired circulatory system you have to sing in order to supply your heart, brain and other systems with oxygen
singing revitalizes , improves the immune system and detoxifies our body
it improves our hormonal system by lowering our stress hormone level and increases secretion of happy hormones
it builds our vitality by speeding up the healing process
gives you peace of mind
improves self-esteem through development and mobilization of our spirit potentials, our physical and emotional aspects become integrated
helps to tackle our fears and depression
singing in the group brings us together, bonds us and gives us a sense of belonging and support
helps to control a healthy body weight
increases our self-esteem
it is a good way of expressing our happiness as it brings a harmony to our lives

I do really recommend that you get to know the potential and benefits of your own unique voice :)

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