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CODOGNOTTO brand has been well known in the transport industry since the company was first established in 1946. It was replaced in 1975 by the current Holding, founded by the six Codognotto brothers. The Company’s impressive growth however, is more recent and started in the midst of the economic crisis, thanks to focused investments in infrastructure, technologies and human resources. These investments allowed the company to switch from being a road transport operator to a multimodal transport operator, from national company to a multinational one. Today the company has more than fifty operating units located in Europe, Belarus, Singapore, Dubai and India, +900 employees and 250.000 transports managed every year. “How can a small firm become a multinational corporation without being affected by the economic crisis? (…) Codognotto Group has worked hard to become one of the most dynamic entities in the European transport industry, and in doing so has attracted attention for its strong growth as well as for its will to innovate. (…) These core traits are the key to understanding the impressive growth that the group has reported over the last 15 years. (…) Today the group is seen as one of the leaders of the industry, showing strength when faced by new challenges”. International Transport Journal, May 2016

Via Calnova 18, Salgareda (Treviso) - Italy
501 - 1000 employees

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