Marta Pyziak

Marta Pyziak

Facility Management - Coordinator, Dell

Łódź, łódzkie


Facility Management - Coordinator

Dell Products \(Poland\) Sp. z o.o.

od grudnia 2009 (od 5 lat i 1 miesiąca)
2009-now – Facility Management Advisor –

Controls a budget of $Xmln
Personnel within my budget - 67 people
Involved in managing 1 facility disciplines (getting involved with the second one)
Participates in multi sites programs

Monitors budgets and approves contracts and purchases.
Ensures proper functioning of facilities through ongoing inspection and maintenance.
Directs the efforts of others in the achievement of the strategic and operational objectives of the group.
Ensures facility and team member compliance with environmental, occupational health and safety policies and procedures within the facility.
Assesses and evaluates the physical space requirements of the organization and recommends plans to meet needs.
Space Planning, Work Order Management (helpdesk), Project Management, Implementation of EH&S Procedures, Canteen Services (for 1500 employees), Reception Services, Water Distribution, Vending Services, Janitorial Services, Reactive Maintenance Services, Landscaping, Ground Park Services (47h), Property damages claiming, real estate legal issues, Maintains space and furniture/equipment inventories. Plans, budgets, and schedules facility modifications, including estimates on equipment, labor, materials and other related costs. Designs and develops organizational policies relevant to the facilities department. Oversees the coordination of building space allocation and layout, communication services and facilities expansion.

My area of focus include:

Business - I try to make a positive contribution to our primary business and let people focus on their work.

People - People’s satisfaction and safety in the use of the building is a goal for me and a key indicative of my performance.

Building - I focus on cost effective, long-term utilization and value preservation of the Dell owned assets.

External organizations - As the agreed services improve the effectiveness of our core business I try not only to maintain it at the same level but I keep looking for areas of improvement.
Global Site Selection

Dell Products (Poland) Sp. z o.o.

od grudnia 2006 (od 8 lat i 1 miesiąca)
Ensure and manage cooperation between Dell departments and outside institutions in public aid claiming procedures cash grant, employment grant and training fund

Building and maintaining lasting relationships with private and public sector partners to create good basis for favorable investment development of Dell in different locations consequently helping in getting permits, licenses and all investor related documentation needed at all stages of investment process

Navigating the company globally through available incentives options for future Dell investments - taking part in governmental, self-governmental and foreign investment agencies negotiations

Analysis of existing markets, monitoring of current trends and formulation of recommendations for next Dell investments locations in areas critical to Dell: human resource, real estate, public infrastructure and public aid
Zespół Obsługi Inwestorów

Urząd Miasta Łodzi

marzec 2005 - grudzień 2006 (przez 1 rok i 10 miesięcy)
Building development strategy for the City together with McKinsey & Company and Investors Relation team from the city

Planning and implementing strategy aimed at proactively attracting large-scale investments: preparing individual presentations for key investors and presenting city investment offers at exhibitions and conferences, promoting Investors Relations Unit and the City of Lodz.

Actively identifying potential real estate opportunities based on investor’s requirements

Coordinating expediting permits, licenses and all investor related documentation

Creation of highly detailed infrastructure development schedules inclusive of all related research, data collection and analysis

Building and maintaining lasting relationships with private and public sector partners both in Poland and internationally

Analysis of existing markets, monitoring of current trends and formulation of recommendations aimed at creating conditions beneficial to continued investment development in the city of Lodz


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