Iwona Ziółkowska

Iwona Ziółkowska


Warszawa, mazowieckie


Transformation leader with over 10 years of banking. Proven track record in implementation of strategic changes requiring cross-functional cooperation and tight management of dependencies.

Experience in change management in banking operations and IT, combined with 6 years in retail banking: intermediaries channel set-up, product and process management.

High adaptability skills with strong international experience: work in Thailand, multi-national project team management (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka), set-up of International Relations Office at University and studies aborad.

Domains of focus: business development, Target Operating Model in...
Program Manager, Outsourcing, Complexity Management

ING Bank Poland

od października 2012 (od 2 lat i 1 miesiąca)
Head of Mortgage Processes Department, SVP, Secured Lending Business Group (ING contract)

ING Bank Thailand

lipiec 2009 - wrzesień 2012 (przez 3 lata i 3 miesiące)
Program Manager, Complaints Management (pre-contract assignment)

ING Bank Poland

marzec 2009 - lipiec 2009 (przez 5 miesięcy)
Head of Product and Mortgage Business Development Section

ING Bank Poland

marzec 2008 - marzec 2009 (przez 1 rok i 1 miesiąc)
Management Development Program

ING Bank Poland

styczeń 2007 - czerwiec 2009 (przez 2 lata i 6 miesięcy)
Project Manager/ Program Manager, back-office centralisation (wholesale), new distribution channel s

ING Bank Poland

wrzesień 2006 - marzec 2008 (przez 1 rok i 7 miesięcy)
Senior Process Optimisation Analyst

ING Bank Poland

styczeń 2006 - sierpień 2006 (przez 8 miesięcy)
Assistant to Management Board, Ops & IT

ING Bank Poland

wrzesień 2004 - grudzień 2005 (przez 1 rok i 4 miesiące)
Assistant to Partner

SK&S Legal Advisors

wrzesień 2002 - sierpień 2004 (przez 2 lata)


Managerial Economics Joint Master Degree with Erasmus University of Rotterdam, magisterskie

Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Graduate School of Business Economics

wrzesień 2001 - lipiec 2002 (przez 11 miesięcy)
Economics & Finance, magisterskie

Università degli Studi di Bergamo

styczeń 2001 - lipiec 2001 (przez 7 miesięcy)
Ekonomia - specjalizacja: Zarządzanie Finansami, magisterskie

Graduate School of Business Economics

wrzesień 2000 - czerwiec 2002 (przez 1 rok i 10 miesięcy)
Courses on: International Business, Global Financial Markets and Investments, Money and Banking, licencjackie

MUCIA Global Education Group, Inc. & New York Institute of Finance

wrzesień 1998 - październik 1999 (przez 1 rok i 2 miesiące)
Finance & Banking, licencjackie

Graduate School of Business Economics

wrzesień 1997 - czerwiec 2000 (przez 2 lata i 10 miesięcy)


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ING Bank/ ING Business School:
- Conflict Management – professional assessment
- Leading for Growth – leadership program
- 2Year-Management Development Program
- Executive Customer Centric Lean Six Sigma
- Building Lean Culture

George Washington University School of Business, Management Training & Development Centre:
- Business Process Analysis, Innovation and Design
- Scheduling and Cost Control
- Project Leadership, Management and Communication
- System Integration Project Management
- Managing Projects


1. Project Management Professional
Project Management Institute

2. Master's of Project Management
George Washington University School of Business


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