Iwona Ziółkowska

Iwona Ziółkowska


Warszawa, mazowieckie


    Transformation leader with over 10 years of banking. Proven track record in implementation of strategic changes requiring cross-functional cooperation and tight management of dependencies.

    Experience in change management in banking operations and IT, combined with 6 years in retail banking: intermediaries channel set-up, product and process management.

    High adaptability skills with strong international experience: work in Thailand, multi-national project team management (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka), set-up of International Relations Office at University and studies aborad.

    Domains of focus: business development, Target Operating Model in banking, strategy, customer experience and complaints management, organizational restructuring, process reengineering, cost optimization, outsourcing, systems implementation.
    Program Manager, Outsourcing, Complexity Management

    ING Bank Poland

    od października 2012 (od 1 roku i 10 miesięcy)
    Head of Mortgage Processes Department, SVP, Secured Lending Business Group (ING contract)

    ING Bank Thailand

    lipiec 2009 - wrzesień 2012 (przez 3 lata i 3 miesiące)
    Program Manager, Complaints Management (pre-contract assignment)

    ING Bank Poland

    marzec 2009 - lipiec 2009 (przez 5 miesięcy)
    Head of Product and Mortgage Business Development Section

    ING Bank Poland

    marzec 2008 - marzec 2009 (przez 1 rok i 1 miesiąc)
    Management Development Program

    ING Bank Poland

    styczeń 2007 - czerwiec 2009 (przez 2 lata i 6 miesięcy)
    Project Manager/ Program Manager, back-office centralisation (wholesale), new distribution channel s

    ING Bank Poland

    wrzesień 2006 - marzec 2008 (przez 1 rok i 7 miesięcy)
    Senior Process Optimisation Analyst

    ING Bank Poland

    styczeń 2006 - sierpień 2006 (przez 8 miesięcy)
    Assistant to Management Board, Ops & IT

    ING Bank Poland

    wrzesień 2004 - grudzień 2005 (przez 1 rok i 4 miesiące)
    Assistant to Partner

    SK&S Legal Advisors

    wrzesień 2002 - sierpień 2004 (przez 2 lata)


    Managerial Economics Joint Master Degree with Erasmus University of Rotterdam, magisterskie

    Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Graduate School of Business Economics

    wrzesień 2001 - lipiec 2002 (przez 11 miesięcy)
    Economics & Finance, magisterskie

    Università degli Studi di Bergamo

    styczeń 2001 - lipiec 2001 (przez 7 miesięcy)
    Ekonomia - specjalizacja: Zarządzanie Finansami, magisterskie

    Graduate School of Business Economics

    wrzesień 2000 - czerwiec 2002 (przez 1 rok i 10 miesięcy)
    Courses on: International Business, Global Financial Markets and Investments, Money and Banking, licencjackie

    MUCIA Global Education Group, Inc. & New York Institute of Finance

    wrzesień 1998 - październik 1999 (przez 1 rok i 2 miesiące)
    Finance & Banking, licencjackie

    Graduate School of Business Economics

    wrzesień 1997 - czerwiec 2000 (przez 2 lata i 10 miesięcy)


    Bankowość » Bankowość detaliczna

    Finanse/Ekonomia » Zarządzanie finansami

    IT - Rozwój oprogramowania » Zarządzanie projektem






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    Przebyte kursy

    ING Bank/ ING Business School:
    - Conflict Management – professional assessment
    - Leading for Growth – leadership program
    - 2Year-Management Development Program
    - Executive Customer Centric Lean Six Sigma
    - Building Lean Culture

    George Washington University School of Business, Management Training & Development Centre:
    - Business Process Analysis, Innovation and Design
    - Scheduling and Cost Control
    - Project Leadership, Management and Communication
    - System Integration Project Management
    - Managing Projects


    1. Project Management Professional
    Project Management Institute

    2. Master's of Project Management
    George Washington University School of Business


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