Grzegorz Świdwiński

Grzegorz Świdwiński

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Warszawa, mazowieckie


  • Analiza biznesowa
  • Strategia biznesowa
  • Zarządzanie
  • Microsoft Office
  • Negocjacje
  • Project Management
  • Zarządzanie zespołem
Professional summary
- Education: Executive MBA with distinction, MSc in computer science with distinction
- Specialized in complex IT solutions for banking sector (12+ years of experience) and delivery of large projects, IT strategy and architectures
- 8+ years of managing various teams and projects, including two large ones (100+ people)
- Experience in proposal preparation and selling activities, negotiating and preparation of contracts, revenue and budget management (6+ years)
- Experience in corporate functions and procedures (resource mgmt, selling procedures, forecasting and budgeting, etc.)
- Certified Systems Integration Solution Architect and Delivery Lead (from October 2008); selected as one of an elite group of employees who are considered Accenture's experts in SI Solution Planning and Delivery

Key strengths
- Exceptional intellectual and analytical capabilities, fast learner
- Leadership qualities and strategic thinking – vision and long-range thinking, energy and drive to achieve success, self-confidence and decisiveness
- Ability to turn theories into solid plans of action; independent, original, creative thinking
- Ability to cope with, clarify and structure ambiguities, complexities and unclearness

Zastępca Dyrektora

Poczta Polska S.A.

od grudnia 2011 (od 3 lat i 1 miesiąca)
Rozwój nowej linii biznesowej produktów i usług elektronicznych.
Senior Manager in Systems Integration Dept.; deployed to Financial Services Dept.


wrzesień 2006 - styczeń 2011 (przez 4 lata i 5 miesięcy)
2010.04 – 2010.09
Programme Manager for a large transformation programme for Mid-size bank in Lithuania
- Team size ~140, planned for ~190
- Programme transition in progress to a new governance structure and PM standards

2008.10 – 2011.01
Corporate functions, focused on business development
- Accenture Information Management Services Lead
- Oracle Platform Lead in Systems Integration Department
Sample achievements:
- Designed and implemented a platform for integrated sales support and proposal preparation
- Organized a conference “A crisis for intelligent. How BI can help win in hard times?”
- Published an article “The key role of Analytics”
- Designed a sales campaign targeted at BI and Analytics needs of medium and big companies.
- Organized a workshop on Oracle offerings and products.

2008.09 – 2009.11
Client Account Manager for 2 Mid-size Financial Institutions in Poland
- Sold and delivered 4 projects (~$2M)

2005.04 – 2008.09
Big Retail Bank in Poland – Implementation of central core banking system
- Member of Project Management Team – responsible for implementation scope and work plan for entire project (approx. 200 people).
- Functional Architect – responsible for overall solution and business development, leading contacts with the Client, managing change requests flow
Manager in BSIC (Business and Systems Integration) Dept.; deployed to Financial Services


wrzesień 2002 - sierpień 2006 (przez 4 lata)
2004.01 – 2005.03
Big Retail Bank in Poland – Implementation of central core banking system
- Responsible for loans, credit risk and debt collection areas and overall integration architecture concept.
- Supervising team of approx. 20 people.

2003.02 – 2003.12
Big Corporate Bank in Poland – Implementation of central core banking system
- QA Lead - responsible for solution quality, testing and errors fixing procedures.
- Supervising team of approx. 30 people.

2001.02 – 2003.01
Big Corporate Bank in Poland – Implementation of core banking system supporting launch of retail department and virtual bank.
- Responsible for loans, credit risk and debt collection areas.
- Supervising team of approx. 15 people.
- For the last 6 months – Project Manager, supervising approx. 50 people.
Consultant in BSIC (Business and Systems Integration) Dept.


wrzesień 1999 - sierpień 2002 (przez 3 lata)
2001.11 – 2001.12
Big Bank in Poland – Assessment of integration strategy of loans brokerage company with Bank’s retail department
- Responsible for technical and functional architecture areas and preparation of implementation work plans.

2000.08 – 2001.01
Big Corporate Bank in Poland – Implementation of core banking system supporting launch of virtual bank.
- Responsible for project technical infrastructure, development environment and security solutions.
- Supervising team of approx. 10 people.

2000.06 – 2000.07
Digital TV Operator – Preparation of e-commerce strategy for banking services on interactive TV platform.
- Responsible for technical aspects of the strategy, assessment of banking systems of several polish banks, and implementation work plan.

2000.04 – 2000.05
Leading Metal Trading Company – Integrated e-strategy
- Responsible for technical and functional design, including estimation of implementation and operation costs.

2000.01 – 2000.03
Big Bank in Poland – Conceptual design of virtual branch (subproject of branch network reorganization project)
- Responsible for technical and functional design, estimation of implementation and operation costs, and preparation of work plans.

1999.10 – 1999.12
Two Big Banks in Poland – Assessment of core banking system functionality supporting the merged banks.
- Responsible for distribution channels (branch network and electronic channels).
Analyst in Technology Department


styczeń 1998 - sierpień 1999 (przez 1 rok i 8 miesięcy)
1999.01 – 1999.09
Big Corporate Bank in Poland – Implementation of core banking system supporting launch of retail department.
- Member of a Call Centre and Internet Banking team, responsible for integration architecture, security and tests.

1998.10 – 1998.11
Big Corporate Bank in Poland – Data warehouse and MIS analysis.
- Responsible for technical architecture assessment and design of a renewed architecture.

1998.08 – 1998.09
Big Oil Producing Company in Hungary – MIS implementation (project in Budapest)
- Member of a Technical Architecture Team, responsible for design of batch processing control mechanisms.

1998.03 – 1998.06
Big Retail Bank in Czech Republic – MIS implementation (project in Prague)
- Member of a Technical Architecture Team, responsible for control mechanisms of data loading processes.


Executive MBA, MBA

Politechnika Warszawska

wrzesień 2007 - październik 2009 (przez 2 lata i 2 miesiące)
Informatyka, magisterskie

Politechnika Warszawska

październik 1993 - wrzesień 1998 (przez 5 lat)




Informacje dodatkowe

Przebyte kursy

2011.11 Faculty for Core Consultant School (St.Charles, USA)
2010.04 Workshop: Exerting Influence (Piasecka & Zylewicz, Warszawa)
2010.04 Seminar: Stress Management Level 1 (Piasecka & Zylewicz, Warszawa)
2009.04 Systems Integration Delivery Lead Essentials (Rome)
2009.02 Negotiations Workshop from Negotiations Center of Excellence (Warszawa)
2008.06 Systems Integration Solution Architect Workshop (Milan)
2008.04 Techniki Prezentacji (Point Corporate Development, Warszawa)
2007.04 Core Senior Manager School (St. Charles, USA)
2006.11 Techniki Negocjacji (Point Corporate Development, Warszawa)
2006.06 Value Driven Program Management (St. Charles, USA)
2005.06 BANKSIM: Management of Financial Institutions (Brussels)
2004.04 Core Manager School (St. Charles, USA)
2003.09 New Manager School (Rome)
2003.03 Applying Project Management (Lisbon)
2000.08 Network Architecture School (St. Charles, USA)
1999.11 Technical Architecture Design School (St. Charles, USA)
1999.10 Implementing Business Solutions School (Veldhoven, Holland)
1999.09 New Consultant School (Prague)
1999.02 ALNOVA Architecture Programming (Madrid)
1998.08 Business Practices Course (Prague)
1998.02 ACCENT on Client/Server (St. Charles, USA)
1998.01 ACCENT on C (Prague)


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