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Temat: Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia (TDB)

Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia (TDB)

Since its foundation in 1990, Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia (TDB) has challenged to introduce the latest banking practices in Mongolia by placing service, transparency and convenience at the forefront of its operations. With constantly innovating range of banking products and services delivered with dynamism and excellence in service and quality, TDB confirms its leadership position in the Mongolian market. Today, the oldest bank of Mongolia is undoubtedly the major player in the financial and banking markets of the country as well as a major contributor to the economy. Mongolian corporations and SMEs are principal clients of the Bank receiving more than 60 types of international standard products such as long and medium term financing, trade finance, personal finance, investment banking, treasury and foreign exchange products. With asset worth over MNT 661.5 billion, TDB is the leading financial services provider in Mongolia with a strong presence in Corporate banking, SME banking, Retail banking, International and Investment Banking, Treasury and Private banking and has a network of 20 branches and over 45 ATMs.

TDB holds the rare distinction of being voted “Best Bank in Mongolia” two times in a row by The Banker and was awarded “Best Bank of the Year”, “Best Business Entity for its Social Responsibility”, “Best Tax payer” and many more by different international and local organizations. TDB also became in 2006 the first commercial bank in Mongolia rated by an international rating agency. Encouraged by its Moody’s rating, the Bank has registered its inaugural USD 300 million EMTN programme and successfully issued USD 75 million senior unsecured notes in 2007. This debut issuance was a launch of Mongolia’s first ever public placement of debt in the international capital markets.

In June 2008, TDB’s total asset reached MNT 661.5 billion and own capital reached MNT 79 billion, representing 17.2% and 18.7% market shares respectively. The Bank has had a strong earnings track record with MNT 11.8 billion in 2006, 16.4 billion in 2007 and 8 billion in 2008.

Corporate banking division

TDB targets big businesses operating in key sectors of the economy and provides them continuously top quality banking services. The Bank finances all major economy drivers of the country, such as mining, petroleum import, construction, manufacturing, energy, transportation, communications as well as trade and financial services. Based on its corporate customer base TDB offers wide range of products including, underwriting of debt and equity financing, financial advisory, corporate sale, restructuring, access to the international investment pool, to over 340 leading Mongolian corporations. As of June 2008, the total corporate loan outstanding was MNT 362 billion, which represented 75 per cent of the total loan book of the bank.

International and Investment banking division

The Bank has direct correspondent relationships with more than 80 foreign banks and financial institutions, such as American Express Bank, HSBC Bank N.A, Dresdner Bank AG, Citibank N.A, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ ltd, Commerzbank AG, Credit Suisse, ING N.A, and manages its international transactions through 26 nostro accounts held with those banks. Since 2006, considering the rapid economic growth in regional and second-tier markets, TDB began widening its range of services, including capital market operations, consulting, liability management, real estate, as well as structured debt instrument.
The Bank participates in international syndicated lending activities, which are primarily aimed at providing primary and secondary syndicated loans, arranged on the international market. In addition, TDB has arranged, together with other foreign banks, several syndicated transactions up to USD 21 million for its local corporate customers.

SME banking division

TDB has been striving to deliver timely and high quality banking services to SMEs, to respond rationally to economic changes, to offer new banking products developed on the basis of customers’ demand and to give them effective professional advice.

Retail banking division

TDB believes in investing in state-of-the-art technology to provide a complete range of value-added personal banking products and services to customers. The Bank introduced for the first time in Mongolia an internet banking service with a 2-step authentication system that is connected to the SWIFT network, and an SMS banking service that is compatible with both GSM and CDMA providers. The bank is determined to maintain its lead position in card-related products by improving existing features of cards and introducing new products. A Loyalty card program for its rapidly developing cardholder client base has been launched to deliver a value-added financial service. TDB is the only bank that allows its clients to accept transactions from all the cards of the world's leading financial institutions, such as American Express, Visa, Master card and JCB. The Bank was the first to introduce automated teller machines (ATM) to the Mongolian market.

Treasury division

Within the Mongolian banking sector, TDB holds the largest portfolio of foreign assets, making it the lead player in the foreign exchange market handling 50% of the foreign exchange transactions.
TDB has been the main player in the domestic gold market since receiving a gold trading license in 2000. Moreover, the Bank was the first to start gold exporting among Mongolian commercial banks, thereby increasing its profits from gold business. A further development was to offer a set of hedge products including options, forwards and structured deals that were necessary to protect customers from downside risks.
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