Filip Drabarek

Filip Drabarek

Fund Accounting Supervisor

Warszawa, mazowieckie


    Fund Accounting Manager

    TFI Allianz Polska S.A.

    od lipca 2012 (od 2 lat i 2 miesięcy)
    Senior Investment Accountant

    PZU S.A.

    maj 2008 - czerwiec 2012 (przez 4 lata i 2 miesiące)
    Fund accountant

    State Street Bank Luxembourg

    luty 2007 - marzec 2008 (przez 1 rok i 2 miesiące)
    • Calculating every day (NAV) Net Asset Value and (TNA) Total Net Assets of funds.
    • Reviewing activity of funds, inputting and checking data which is necessary to calculate every day Total Net Assets.
    • Daily input and validation of all purchases, sales, corporate actions and dividends.
    • Preparation and review of cash and stock reconciliations, also reconciliations of expenses, interest and withholding tax.
    • Review of amortization and interest calculations.
    • Setting up securities and assets: bonds, equities, derivatives and investment funds units, on the basis of Bloomberg quotations.
    Team leader (Custody Department)

    Citibank Ireland Financial Services PLC

    luty 2006 - luty 2007 (przez 1 rok i 1 miesiąc)
    • Dealing with multi-currency securities and processing SWIFT instructions sent by clients.
    • Review and verification trades processed by team and releasing trades into the market.
    • Monitoring of international securities settlement process across Europe, Asia, US markets.
    • Processing of incoming and outgoing Securities Transfer.
    • Reconciliation of securities accounts.
    • Coordination of eight people team work.
    • Preparing every day coverage for team.
    • Cooperation with international custodians and depositories: Clearstream, Euroclear.
    • Taking ownership of complex queries received from clients.
    • Contact with clients and other departments in Citibank to organize team work and processing SWIFT trades.
    Specialist in banking operations (Custody Department)

    Citibank International PLC/Citibank Ireland

    maj 2005 - luty 2006 (przez 10 miesięcy)
    • Migration of custody process from Dublin to Warsaw.
    • Dealing with multi-currency securities and processing SWIFT instructions sent by clients and releasing trades into the market.
    • Ensuring that all transactions are processed within daily deadlines as to enable trades to settle on time on the market.
    • Liaising with Customer Service, Database Maintenance and Settlements Team.
    • Preparation of securities settlement instructions.
    • Taking ownership of complex queries received via email and phone and feedback to initiator in timely fashion.


    in progress, studia podyplomowe


    od czerwiec 2009 (od 5 lat i 3 miesięcy)
    Zarządzanie Wartością Firmy (Wycena spółek), studia podyplomowe

    Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie

    wrzesień 2008 - czerwiec 2009 (przez 10 miesięcy)
    Finanse i Bankowość, magisterskie

    Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie

    wrzesień 2001 - grudzień 2006 (przez 5 lat i 4 miesiące)






    Informacje dodatkowe

    Przebyte kursy

    • Standards of SWIFT messages Citibank (1 day)
    • Project management Ernst &Young (3 days)
    • Total Net Assets and Net Asset Value calculation process State Street Bank (8 days)
    • Financial instruments IFRS 9, IAS 32, IAS 39 Academy of Business (3 days)
    • Construction of models for pricing derivatives in Excel CEETA (3days)


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